Adventurers: Some of the things we’ll get up to this Spring Term 2016

  • Learning the sounds n-y, focusing on one a week


  • Careful counting: learning the numerals and how many objects represent each number, as well as our shapes and colours



  • Based on the interests of the children we’ll be look at Healthy Eating, Growing, Insects and Weather.


  • We’ll be supporting pre-writing skills with lots of free art and mark making with large brooms, mops, decorating brushes and rollers. This is to help develop the muscles in the shoulder, elbow and wrist to support writing. We also integrate mark making into lots of different scenarios, like encouraging the children to draw out their house design on a white board then build it or make pirate maps in the role play corner.


  • Role Play: the children love dressing up and playing in our role play corner. This term we plan to set up a Hospital, Vet, Library/Bookshop, Building site, Birthday party, Post office and Florist. If you work in any of these professions and would like to join in the role play with the children and chat to them about what you do, we’d love to hear from you.


  • Celebrating diversity: Panda Bear is off to Iceland, Switzerland and Australia.  We will also be celebrating Chinese New Year and Easter.


  • Every session has an element of music from singing nursery rhymes, dancing to the latest tunes or write dance.

For more detail about what we get up to, you can view our weekly plans and see the posts on our online journals.