What is school readiness?


At Panda we  have high aspirations for all our little Pandas, supporting our Adventurers to be ‘school ready’. But what does that really mean? At Panda we prefer to talk about life readiness – helping our children to be independent, resilient, confident and ready to face their journey ahead.

The word ‘Panda’ sums up the qualities we are supporting our children to develop:

Passionate about learning and prepared for school
A confident, communicator who can make friends and respect others
Not afraid to take risks and find new challenges
Determined and resilient
An independent little being and creative thinker

Working with local schools we understand these are the skills our children need for the next stage of their learning journey and we support them all to achieve them:

Social and Communication

  • Can ask others to play and join in games with friends
  • Can share and take turns
  • Know how to ask for help from a teacher
  • Confident to speak in a small group
  • Can communicate with peers and adults

Literacy, Maths and Pre-School skills

  • Can hold a pencil properly and has good fine motor skills
  • Can do careful counting not just rote counting
  • Starting to form some letters or even write their name
  • Can recognise name on a peg etc.
  • Good gross motor skills
  • used to having fun and trying new things


  • Can leave parents at the door 
  • Can listen and follow instructions
  • Can use the toilet by themselves
  • Can find their coat, bag and put own things away
  • Can put on own coat and possibly shoes
  • Good listening and attention skills
  • Passionate and excited about learning