Supporting creativity

We wanted to share Janet Lansbury’s article with you about supporting creativity and give you a little insight as to why children are not coming home with ‘perfect’ pieces of art pre-planned every session by the staff. Sometimes we support and guide their creations, but we realise the real learning takes place in the process of the creation rather than the end result.  

We’ve had so much fun lately painting on cling film windows and building huge masterpieces out of old boxes. The end product doesn’t always make it home because the children can take it on another learning journey (cutting it up, burying it, displaying it, covering it in black paint, gifting it to a friend and so on). We provide the resources, encouragement and support that the children need but then it truly is pure freedom to create and be in ‘their’ moment – that’s when the real magic happens.   

Janet Lansbury explains more: