Studybugs – Absence reporting system for Panda

At Panda we use an App called Studybugs that makes it quick and easy to report your child’s absence due to illness.
By using this simple App on your phone or the Studybugs website – you can quickly send us a message letting us know that your child is ill and won’t be attending Panda:

  • It is run by the NHS and as you type in your child’s illness it guides you with official guidance from Public Health England, based on the symptoms or illnesses you enter.
  • It’s a quick and easy way for your to report absence and let us know sooner that your child will not be attending nursery
  • It is a much more efficient way for us to manage absence reporting
  • It is helping the NHS and other public health organisations improve children’s health by collecting anonymous data on illnesses going around — to help schools, parents and public health organisations take preventative action as early as possible

You can find out more at:   YOU CAN SET UP THE APP UP ON YOUR PHONE TODAY: Please log on to to download the app or find it through your phone in the App Store Once logged into the app you need to add your child and choose the school: Panda Nursery Then you are all set, for when you need to report an absence.
Please be aware that you do not get a response from us or the system when you have reported an absence but please don’t worry – it is a very reliable system and we always receive the messages.