Panda introduces Write Dance

Developing Pre-Handwriting Skills.

We are so excited to be introducing Write Dance into our Nursery.

In Write Dance we use movement to music in a variety of ways so that children can develop the physical skills needed to support their handwriting skills. It is also an excellent way of building confidence in all children – whatever their aptitude for music and dance.

We start the session with a story.  These are based around the same characters each time in a different situation. Once we are familiar with the story we can translate the story into movement sequences and visualisation techniques which are set to music based on the story.  Here we have to use balance, co-ordination and imagination. Children learn feelings of relaxation in contrast to the opposite feelings of muscle tension.

The final stage is to use those movements to ‘scrimble’.  This is where the mark making/writing comes in.  We use mediums such as shaving foam, large chalks or paint on paper, tables, floor or any space that can be scribbled on (with permission!). The children draw the dance movements on paper, white board or any open space with chalk, paint or shaving foam (messy but great fun). The children learn the sequences and the actions as they go along. They will learn to recognise the music and key words. The children use both hands if they can, in unison and in an alternate motion which really helps their balancing skills.

The concept is easier than it sounds.  There are 7 basic movements in Write Dance:

  1. Straight lines
  2. Rounded shapes
  3. Circles
  4. Angles
  5. Direction
  6. Size
  7. Crossing the mid line

Write Dance supports the Early Years Foundation Stage in many ways:

  1. Promoting confidence and self-esteem
  2. Children have fun while learning
  3. It ensures that all children have the opportunity to become familiar with movements that support writing and formation of numerals which means they are more willing and confident to write using a range of tools.
  4. It develops physical strength particularly in the shoulder muscles and children become more aware of their posture and special awareness.
  5. It allows children to be expressive and dynamic with their bodies as they move in time to the music. We can do this indoors or outdoors and they can express themselves safely.

Write Dance is a fun learning experience that encompasses many learning skills without the children even knowing it. The best thing for us as teachers, is that we use the circular movements with paper towels or cloths at the end to clean up the shaving foam or paint and the children love it!