Great Rhymers – Make Great Readers

We are supporting the BookTrust’s Rhyming Challenge to encourage children to learn nursery rhymes.  We know great rhymers make great readers. Before children learn to read and write they learn to talk and listen, and it’s so important to give them lots of opportunity to practise these skills. Learning rhymes helps to lay the foundation of good literacy skills, supporting vocabulary, curiosity, imagination, eagerness to know about the world around them – all fundamental skills which help children to be ready for school and lifelong learners.

Other reasons to learn rhymes (BookTrust 2015):

Social skills:  most rhymes include some physical interaction (we dance around a lot at Panda!). This adds to the fun and surprise. It supports turn taking and joining in – essential skills for communicating with peers and the world around them.

Ready for School:  rhymes help children develop into emergent readers who have a sense of story and awareness of sounds. They lay a strong foundation for formal education and structured reading. Rhymes can support other concepts like numbers, colours, shapes.

Emotional Well-being: an early introduction to rhymes is important for the overall development of a child’s physical, emotional and psychological well-being. It can bring comfort to children and be a brilliant way for carers to communicate with very young children. It also supports children’s imagination through everyday song and dance.

Our newsletters show you what nursery rhymes we are focusing on this term and copies of the words are available in our reception so you can sing along at home.