Explorers: Snapshot of the Spring term

Some of the things we plan to get up to this term:

  • Fun games around letter sounds a and b, numbers 1-5 and 2d shapes
  • Focusing on making friends and playing together
  • Interactive stories and puppet shows
  • We’ll be supporting pre-writing skills with lots of large free art and mark making with decorating brushes, sponges, rollers etc. This is to help develop the muscles in the shoulder, elbow and wrist to support writing.
  • The children love to help and we’ll be getting them involved in lots of jobs like tidying up, packing the lunches away and helping each other
  • Music, movement, lots of singing and learning to make sounds with our instruments
  • Nature walks, frost walks, puddle jumping – any excuse to get outside
  • Using technology like cd players, photocopiers, toaster and cameras
  • We’ll also have fun activities around Mother’s Day, Easter and Chinese New Year

For more detail about what we get up to, you can view our plans on and see the posts on our online journals.