Dance time at Panda Nursery

Every Tuesday morning, many of the little Pandas are given a huge treat – a dance class with Miss Tarryn from Surrey Dance School!

The Panda dance classes are specially designed by Surrey Dance School Principal, Tarryn Owen Skull and are fun, story-based classes where the children are building and strengthening their basic co-ordination, posture, balance, musicality and concentration.

Although the children enjoy the classes hugely just for the fun of them, all exercises are designed to help develop both their fine and gross motor skills through creative dance.

Tarryn is very passionate about her nursery-aged classes: “It’s very important that children’s fundamental training is done correctly, but it is also just a joy to teach the children their first ballet class.”

Our dance classes with Surrey Dance School often lead to a long-term love of dance and movement and many of the children carry on with dance classes outside of nursery as they get older.

“It’s wonderful to watch my nursery classes fall in love with dancing and continue to dance with me over the years,” says Tarryn. “When I started SDS in Limpsfield, five years ago this September, I had just 14 pupils – many who had been introduced to ballet through my Panda nursery ballet class. These girls are still dancing with me, though I now have closer to 100 pupils!”

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