New music walls for Panda

A few pallets and old saucepans = lots of fun on our new music walls. If anyone has any spare pallets please email – we love making new things for nursery!

The importance of pretend play in natural settings

Fantasy play, or pretend play, is an integral part of childhood. While too often limited by the narrow confines of a role play area, pretend play can flourish outdoors if children are given the space and materials. Great article by Marisa Lark Wallin at Community Playthings:

What amazing parents we have

We are so grateful to all Panda parents for their lovely gifts. We feel so privileged to be part of your wonderful children’s early years adventurers and we have had so much fun this year. Thank you all for your kind words at our Leaver’s show today and all the presents for our team x…

Our new home has been delivered

What an amazing day!  Huge thank you to Portakabin in Lingfield who’s very skilled team delivered our new home today. It was amazing to watch each slice be delivered on a lorry and craned into place. We are so excited!!!