Supporting creativity

We wanted to share Janet Lansbury’s article with you about supporting creativity and give you a little insight as to why children are not coming home with ‘perfect’ pieces of art pre-planned every session by the staff. Sometimes we support and guide their creations, but we realise the real learning takes place in the process…

Thank you for our new tablet -Friends of Panda!

Our amazing parents who run the Friends of Panda charity have been busy raising money to provide our children with equipment. We were absolutely delighted to be given a new tablet today for our little Explorers -they have had lots of fun playing on it. Thank you Friends of Panda!

Gun and Superhero Play?!

Super Hero and Gun Play?! You don’t allow that at Panda, do you? This has opened many debate at nursery and as a team we have researched the topic, debated it and attended training seminars to come up with the opinion that “Yes we do”, because at Panda we are focused on the process of…